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Growth Analyst

Central London

About the company

We are a mission driven education company. We source & prioritise outstanding graduates from less advantaged backgrounds; provide world class technical training; then employ them as high performance junior consultants for 2 years. Our mission is social mobility through world class education. We are backed by investors from Google, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey.

The business is founded on two beliefs:

  • Exceptional talent is missed everyday: talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not. The common heuristics used to judge graduates, such as which university they attend, mean that lots of genuine talent is overlooked. We rigorously source this talent while advancing the science of assessment to ensure we find amazing talent;
  • Exceptional training changes outcomes: the most effective learning practises are rarely used because the institutions that invest in the training are not incentivised to do so (paid by quantity not quality). Yet Benjamin Bloom’s seminal educational research proved that the right methods can change learning outcomes by 2 standard deviations (2 sigmas). This is monumental!

About the role

About you
You will have at least 18 months experience in either direct B2B sales, HTD, account management, or a similar revenue generating role. Preferably, you will have gained this experience within the HTD technology, staffing, or recruitment sectors.
We are looking for someone with a curiosity to learn, a determination to succeed, a collaborative and consultative approach to work, and a reflective approach to their own personal development. If you’re also passionate about the future of work, social mobility, and the technology sector, then you willprobably be a great fit for our team!

Our Values

These are critical to who we are, specific to our business and must be taken together. They are a key part of what we offer – the chance to pursue a meaningful mission alongside a group of people working for each other.

  • Excellence in service of impact: at the core of our business is impact through education. In pursuit of this goal we strive for excellence, recognising also that the work we do is almost always in service of someone else, enabling them to be brilliant. This is about determination,
    precision, simplicity, and quality. We want to look back in 10 years and say this was the best work we’ve ever done;
  • Thoughtful respect: we understand that the pursuit of excellence is hard, and each of us is a person, not a number. This must be critical to our day to day interactions & our messaging. It means we always show each other the respect to give and receive feedback, and to do so
    thoughtfully and with humanity.
  • Ownership & leadership: by working here you’re choosing not just to be an owner but also a leader - a role model for others: to take ownership of not only your work but also the mission, and the shared responsibility for performance. It means optimising for the outcome of your team and the business, being deliberate about your impact, and owning mistakes;
  • Continuous improvement: it is imperative we understand what it is that allows us to be excellent, and to build on it so that we can amplify our impact over time. We aim to do this as individuals and as an organisation: having a hyper focus on clear objectives, detailing our thinking and then proactively seeking, giving & listening to feedback on our assumptions & work, and finally having the discipline, courage and determination to improve every day.


  • Start Date: immediate
  • Location: Central London (3-5 days/week in the office);
  • Compensation: Salary £35-40k dependant on experience + 100-150% OT commission + Options
  • Process: 30 min call with CCO, 90 min competency interview, 2-3 x 60 min interviews with LT including Founder/ CEO).

At Sigma Labs we are committed to DE&I and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.
We look forward to receiving your application at

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