What we do

We help clients excel by providing high-potential technical consultants in software, data & cloud engineering through cost-effective and low-risk consulting solutions. 

We take enormous pride in ensuring our consultants add value to your teams professionally and personally from day one.

How we do it

We source exceptional talent by looking beyond the go-to heuristics and rigorously assessing personal attributes for long-term success in technical and commercial fields.

We invest heavily in learning via an intense training program that every consultant receives, covering:

Full stack software and data engineering: we build on the very best UK coding academies by using the latest educational techniques, from mastery learning & interleaving to memory palaces;

Commercial and soft skills: we’ve unabashedly included some of the core modules of the best management consultant training in the world (Bain, McKinsey & BCG).

In building these approaches, we digest and implement significant amounts of research.

Why we do it

Exceptional talent is missed every day:
Opportunity is not equally distributed. The common heuristics used to judge graduates, such as the university they attended, overlook significant amounts of genuine talent.

Exceptional training changes outcomes:
The most effective learning practices are rarely used: institutions that invest in education are often not rewarded for the quality of the output, so the incentives don’t align. Yet Benjamin Bloom’s seminal educational research proved that the right methods can change learning outcomes by 2 standard deviations (2 sigmas).

What our clients say about our Consultants: